Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Little book from one piece of paper

Take one piece of watercolour paper and cover it in paint through stencils.
Make one cut and then fold it up. 
Add tape and photos, quotes and images to turn it into a cute themed book
I'm looking forward to teaching this 2 hour class as part of the Local History Week celebrations at our Public Library in November....should be another fun experience. There are so many possibilities!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Stitch*Bookery : book 2

Another gift of a book a la Stitch*Bookery class with Mary Ann Moss. I shared my first book from this class HERE. This time my recipient's favourite colours are mostly white with some grey and yellow.
It's so much fun to gather and stitch not planning any of the layout ahead of time....Some spreads have a lot going on 
(click on any photo to see it larger)
and some are much simpler letting textures do the work
I used a mix of yellow and grey rayon threads this time. 
Once again made on a wallpaper base, but a different cut used to get a different layout from book 1 and a few more pockets in this one. 
Pockets = opportunity for tags and it was fun to make a variety of these
The 3 stitched together are paint samples, and the wide one is lovely embossed card through a friend's cuttlebug (I shaped the top corners to make it look more tag like) - had to include a library card too ♥
A recycled dress tag is stitched to the page above, and below a wee square card (the yellow and pink love) that I stitched on slipped into a half-page that I didn't stitch down
I really enjoy different views of the pages laid out in different ways
But the best bit - how much my friend loved her gift
Miss Moss is running another session with registrations from late October if you like what I post about this class

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 32

I'm a bit out of sequence with posting my weeks. I already shared this Week (33) in my previous post since I am the guest artist! Week 32 was last week (5-11 August).
I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 32 : Incorporate a fortune from a fortune cookie.
And from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : 
Theme: Art Appreciation - Embrace your art
Prompt: Make a Divider
Technique: Collage, stamp, stencil, mark, cut out
Sometimes you can look at a prompt and it doesn't fit your format of journal - I don't want a divider, but I can still use the techniques on my spread. Since quite a lot happened last week I decided to follow the prompts as a background and flip-up to enclose a few photos to capture the busy ♥
I finished my Mixed Media Collage Box Klimt in the garden on the weekend this prompt started : 
My lovely husband celebrated his birthday on the 8th. My son was part of the Prem A basketball team from Palmerston North Boys' High that won the Super 8 shield in Rotorua in the middle of the week
And I delivered this stitched book to a friend for her birthday last Thursday
Now to the spread. Collage. Began with a page from an old children's encyclopedia which will become my flip-up. The trimmings off that page were added to the spread along with other collage elements.
Stamp Not something I'd usually do as next layer but it was the next prompt
Stencil Now this I find hard to stop with!
Cut Out Nothing very dramatic here...I just curved the bottom of my flip-up to follow the line of the stenciled Rose. Added some drama with the black and white washi tape but it's not there yet
The background is too distracting from the photos
So I decided to add a Green Gold Glaze - I love the effect and you can still see all the lovely layers beneath
I didn't have a fortune cookie, but I receive Brave Girls' emailed daily uplifting messages and thought I would include words from there : more helpful than a fortune cookie message ;-)  This is very appropriate for me at the moment - August is turning out to be quite overwhelming....
Unfortunately, when I tried to glaze on the other side of the flap, it was far too dark and I wiped it off with a wet wipe which also removed other layers....
BUT in a happy twist the soft pinks that remained inspired me to a different direction. Lovely bird and floral label + previously stenciled cardboard heart glued in place = spread finished with flap closed
I really love that black & white tapa tape to anchor the colour and imgaery - here's the spread complete with flap open
You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I"M THE GUEST ARTIST! Daily Journaling Week 33

On the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : this week it's me!!! 
Theme: Art appreciation Month : Embrace yourself - Embrace your Art
Technique: Using pretty paper serviettes/napkins as a collage layer
Prompt: Be inspired by one of your favourite artists
Quote“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
As always, I have highlighted the prompts in green as I use them.
I ♥ Klimt - he is one of my favourite artists. I love his patterning, his figures, his use of gold, his compositions, his lovely elements of swirls....I could go on! Starting from there and wanting to share one of my favourite journaling techniques with you, I began by gathering some pretty paper serviettes
First I painted the background of my spread gold so that there'll be a glow to the page as I layer up, and then I chose the serviettes that would be added as a collage layer
First separate the back layers off your serviette so you are left with the top layer only - there are most often 3 layers to a paper serviette (the middle layer of this one may also be usable since it has a faint print of the top layer)
To get exactly the pieces you want from the serviette, use a small wet paintbrush to outline the element, and then tear around that water line
Spread your gel medium/glue onto the page just covering the area of the element you want to add, lay the serviette on top, and then use the remaining glue on your brush to smooth out from the centre to the edges. The torn edges blend beautifully into your background
Do this with different serviettes to lay your base collage elements.
Then layer up - I gathered some of my favourite small stencils
and lovely Iridescent paint - you can add iridescent medium to ordinary paints for that lovely shine
Now time for more serviettes as the main act - torn with the wet paintbrush technique. 
Time to play with some layouts and then to glue down what I love 
I added the figures and butterfly and then highlighted with a white Gelly Roll Sakura pen cos it's all feeling a bit dark
When I feel like it's a bit of a hot mess, I know it's not done and I need to add more!!
A good tip to see what you might do to fix a page is to photograph the page and look at it in black and white
This shows up my problem areas and here's what I did next - my "go to" favourite feature stencil with white paint sponged through
Also added another paper serviette butterfly and some black line drawing to highlight the squares a la Klimt....plus more white outlining/doodles to highlight
I always knew that I would be adding found words and I had a wonderful find for $3 at a recent Red Cross Book Sale of a large print dictionary which gave me Embrace
and I often use words from Large Print romances as well
Now I can call my spread done
I so hope that by seeing my full process you are inspired to do a page using serviettes and to keep moving forward until it's done. Leave a comment so I can come see your version. Embrace the process - Embrace your creativity ♥
For further inspiration see my first post HERE about decorating the cover for my Daily Journal which used the same techniques. 
You can see all my posts about this Daily Journaling project HERE and my Flickr album of all my pages together HERE.
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